First of its kind health & wellness tracker.
No blood. No doctor. No hassle. The power of saliva.
Own your health.TM
Magnify your health
Better performance starts by measuring it.
If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Unlike wearables that only measure external activity data, TRAQ can show you what's happening inside the body at the molecular level. Providing real time results in a non-invasive way.
Magnify and measure 5 key areas of your health and wellness.
Track your performance
Learn why you perform well, and why you don't.
What you do before, during, and after your workout affects your performance and health. With TRAQ you get the personal insights you need to make changes to your routine to complete at a higher level, recover faster, and reduce injury.
Understand what's going on inside your body.
Learn how your training and nutrition are helping or hurting you.
Optimize your fitness
Turn your data into your personal coach.
TRAQ goes beyond simply tracking activity data and actually makes sense out of it. It's a personalized coaching platform with tips, recipes, and exercises to guide you. You get to decide when and where to share your trends and results. Whether with coaches, trainers, friends, or family. Receive feedback or just a few words of encouragement along the way.
Track anywhere.

Accurate, non-invasive, wireless, simple, easy,
convenient, actionable tips, customized to the user,
deep analytics/results through the app to show progress.

It's easy to use. No medical degree required!
Focus on your wellness
Get in tune with your body.
Small changes make a big difference. Set goals and workout reminders. Daily workout habits affect performance quality, and each day is a new opportunity to adjust your routine and get better results.
Beyond fitness.
TRAQ's technology goes beyond everyday fitness into a much bigger part of your life, wellness.

Own your health.TM
What really matters.

Choose categories that concern you.
Drill down or expand into others.

Focus on the health & wellness
of those around you.
How does it work?
No blood. No doctor. No hassle.
All biomarkers in your blood that measure health - glucose, cholestrol, lactate, insulin, and thousands more - are also in your saliva. The problem is that their concentration in your saliva is much lower than in your blood. That's natural.

Enter TRAQ. TRAQ's advanced technology measures these very small concentrations in your saliva.

TRAQ is non-invasive and safe (saliva, not blood), results are real time (second or minutes, not days), accurate (well within FDA guidelines), economical (each test costs only a few dollars), portable (handheld, convenient, testing anywhere), easy to use (like enjoying a lollipop).
Why saliva?
Saliva has been researched for more than 30 years as a diagnostic fluid and has proven to be incredibly valuable, as levels of biomarkers in saliva directly correlate with those in blood. Rigorously tested, clinically and scientifically validated. With recent breakthroughs in nanotechnology and bioengineering, our patented technologies allow accurate measurement of activity & health related biomarkers in small amounts of saliva. No blood. No doctors. No hassle.
TRAQ - Accurate electrochemical sensors

Accurate electrochemical sensors.

Decades of research have yielded biosensors capable of measuring the most subtle changes to your chemistry - your health and wellness.

TRAQ - Rapid, intelligent analysis

Rapid, intelligent analysis.

Why wait? Instead of days or weeks, results are ready in seconds to minutes.

TRAQ - Magnify. Track. Optimize. Focus.

Magnify. Track. Optimize. Focus.

Great. Now what do I do?
TRAQ supplies AI-based tools for you to keep it high level of drill down into specifics. Plus, you've got access to professionals to help you fix and improve.

Key features
Automatic, private tracking. Independent of your phone. Accessories. Single-use Cartridges. Clock: Workout time! Long battery life. Testing reminders.

Not just for individuals. Team sports too.

TRAQ's team-based solutions allow coaches and
players to stay informed about their safety,
activity and fitness stats.

You can see what's happening on the field.

Don't you want to see what's happening inside?